Sunday, October 30, 2011

GRIs and Ferris Wheels

Oh, boy...I had a GRI...what's a GRI? I'll explain!

For those of you who have seen the show Will & Grace, you know who Jack is. If you don't, look him up. He's pretty funny! Anyway, in one show, Jack comes over and has an eye patch on. When asked WHY he has an eye patch on, he responds by saying that he had a GRI. When questioned about what a GRI is, Jack responds, "A GLITTER RELATED INCIDENT!" I laughed so hard! Because I can relate...

So, whenever I use glitter, I usually have a GRI. It consists of glitter everywhere and then throughout the house for a while. But I don't mind, because I love glitter! And it cracks me up when my husband gets it on him via me--he looks so sparkly! (Yes...a Twilight reference for those of you who got it...)

Okay, so now that I'm on a role, I will tell you that I had a MAJOR GRI when creating my card for this week's CASE Study challenge. BUT, it was so worth it! Niki is a fabulous CASE Study!

Here's her card~

Here's my case~

Some details~

Do you see why I had a GRI?! But, like I said, TOTALLY worth it!

In other glitter related news, I went to NEEWOLLAH this weekend. It's a Halloween carnival/band festival out in Independence, KS. Two of my sisters are in the Derby High School march band and were competing, so we went down with my parents and other siblings still at home (I'm the oldest of nine...yes, I said nine).

It was so much fun! My youngest sister wanted to get her face painted and I was the only one willing to we got matching face paint! :) AND THERE WAS GLITTER!!!

Here we are getting it done~

Almost done~

YEAH! We semi-matched (her idea)~

We then went on the Ferris Wheel~

Too bad it can't last...
I think it weathered the day pretty well...

This is me after two meals and endless wind and water bottles PLUS glasses (still looks ok!)~

I didn't want to take it off...~

What a fun time! Thanks for popping by and for letting me indulge in some personal goings ons! I hope you've been inspired to create something today--won't you join us at CASE Study? Happy GRIs! :)


Ellen said...

Oh what a pretty card! I love glitter too and know what you mean by a GRI LOL. I love the flower on your card! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. It means a lot to me.

Mynnette said...

Thanks, Ellen. :)

Lisa S. said...

Hi Mynnette, love your card and all that glittery goodness. Looks like you guys had a great weekend and thanks for the sweet comment, it's much appreciated!

Mynnette said...

Thank you, Lisa! :)

Iwona Palamountain (Chupa) said...

Oh wow, that's a lot of sparkle! Both on your card, and your face :) Love the card :)

cbuswell said...

WoW!! Stunning, love all the shimmer! Thanks for joining us at CASE Study!