Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Living In Thanksgiving Daily

I recently discovered a wonderful short movie on my church's website (www.lds.org). It talks about living in thanksgiving daily. After thinking about it, I decided that I would want to be a person that could be considered living in thanksgiving daily.

Gratitude is s
o very important! If we appreciate someone, we should tell them! Above are some cards that I have made for a few people who've helped me recently. Details are shown because I grabbed out my glitter gel pens and just had to show off my shimmer!!!

ALSO...feel free to save this awesome printable and use it for whatever! I originally got it from another blog...The Fickle Pickle (isn't that name HILARIOUS?!). Hopefully they don't mind me sharing as it's FREE!!!

ANYWAY...I hope that you decide to living in thanksgiving daily and not just this time of year. Make some thank you cards today! Thank You are two of the most powerful words in the English language! AND as always...I do wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and happy stamping!

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