Monday, June 20, 2011

Well if there's Christmas in July...

...and Thanksgiving daily, then I declare it to be Halloween in June! Here's why:

I had these two marshmallow fluff jars sitting in a cupboard, waiting to be "used." For years. And years...about 4 to be exact! So, as I was cleaning out that cupboard, I gave myself an ultimatum: USE 'EM OR LOSE 'EM!

Here's the final (?) product. All I did was take white tissue paper and brayer it orange, tear it into pieces and faux mod podge it to the jars.

Then, I drew and cut out the faces and adhered them to the jar.

They needed the lids, so I painted them green.

Here's the thing, should I use some toilet paper rolls to create stems?! If so, HOW?! Please help me! Comments and suggestions are very welcome today!!! Happy sharing!!!


Tracy said...

Great project!


Sherrie K. said...

These look awesome!! Great way to recyle and they make a great gift. Yeah, I think I would add a stem and some funky ribbon. Great job!
Came from the Link Up Love Party!
Sherrie K

Natasha said...

Great project. Maybe use some green pipe cleaners for the stems?

Susan said...

What a creative idea! I agree with Natasha, that would work!

I'm here via the Link Up Party and am a new follower! Stop over sometime!


Sugarlips said...

Super cute!! I think stems would be cute, how about a brown piece of packing paper and then crumple it and then twist it up.

Lisa said...

These are so absolutely adorable!! I like all of the suggestions above for the stem...I think I would use kraft paper or packing paper crumpled up like Sugarlips suggested...then tying on a pretty bow like Sherrie said! But these are fabulous the way the are :D I'm stopping by from the Link Up Love party :)

Getting Cricky DTM

Anonymous said...

Super duper cute project! I'm stopping by for the LULP. Hope you have time to stop by my place.

Patti Ross said...

I'm a new follower - so nice to meet you! These are adorable!!!

Patti Ross

Anita Braddock said...

How spooky is this layout. I love love this the mood looks so real. you have done an awesome layout' thanks for sharing.
new follower