Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick? Nope! Treats!

It's Halloween time! Time for the candy hoarding to begin! I wanted to share a little treat in a cute way with those I work with, and this is what I came up with! These sour cream containers are so quick and easy to make and they create a big wow factor when you give them away. Below are directions on how to make them with pictures borrowed from Take some time today to make a treat for a loved one--it's fun and a great way to show you care!


  • 4" x 6" piece of lightweight cardstock or patterned paper

  • Sticky Strip™

  • Paper Crimper

  • Embellishments

  • Candy


  1. Apply Sticky Strip™ to one of the short sides of the reverse side of the 4" x 6" piece of patterned paper.
    Apply another strip from the end of the long side until half way in.
    Apply the last piece in the middle of the other long side of the paper.

  2. Remove the plastic liner from the Sticky Strip™, but make sure to leave the backing on the Sticky Strip™ that is in the middle of one of the long sides.
    Adhere the short ends of the paper together to form a cylinder.

  3. Press the two sides with the Sticky Strip™ exposed together.

  4. To reinforce the adhesive, slide the taped end into your paper crimper and slowly add two or three crimped lines.

  5. Fill container with a small treat.

  6. Remove the liner from the remaining Sticky Strip™, then push the sides together in the opposite direction from the other end.
    When looking at the container from the top, the two ends will form a +.

  7. Crimp this edge of the container.

  8. Decorate the container.

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