Friday, December 31, 2010

For Auld Lang Syne

Did you know that "for auld lang syne" translates into "for the sake of old times?" I didn't until I heard it on tv the other day...anyway, I know most blogs do their top 10 of the year, but since I only did 1/2 a years worth of blogging, I'm gonna do my top 5! :) These are the top 5 highlights of my year--crafting and otherwise!

1. Getting my dream job--I get to work with children who have special needs and I was blessed at the beginning of 2010 to get the job! It is such a rewarding experience to know that each day I can make a difference!

2. My grandfather's funeral--probably most of you wouldn't think of this as a highlight, but it gave me the chance to see family members I haven't seen in years. I am grateful for my grandfather's example of love and kindness and for his sense of humor that has effected my life--I love corny humor because of him and my father! (Thank goodness for my husband--he has the same sense of humor and I don't know what he'd do if I didn't think he was funny!)

3. Starting my blog!!!! I was reluctant to do so because I had felt in the past that if would be a waste of time if I didn't have a TON of followers. Lucky for me, I don't care so much about that anymore! It's nice to have followers, but it's more nice to have an outlet for my thoughts and crafting ideas! Blogging really has been a cathartic experience for me this year!

4. Gaining confidence in my crafting abilities-- I have always been a little afraid of things that seem "hard." So, this year I pushed myself to learn new things, like this cute T-slider card and also learning about CAS style! I am so grateful for those who are willing to share their ideas and for the technology that makes learning new things so easy! We are so blessed!!!

5. Getting a new addition to the family!!!-- My puppy, Hundie, is the sweetest thing to happen to our family this year! She is such a comforting presence and has helped me feel loved and needed while my husband has worked full time and gone to night school. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for sending her our way!!!

So there you have it! Only one crafty one, but a rewarding year! I am looking forward to the possibilities 2011 brings! First on the list...Valentines! Stay tuned for more details...happy crafting and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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