Thursday, January 6, 2011


So, I the picture above is from a craft store here in our area. They have it on the wall of their bathroom, and I had to take a picture because I feel that I am one of those girls! Prove it, you say? would take a long time to show all my glitter projects, but here are some hearts that I made to hang on my kitchen shelf.

They coordinate with the LOVE tins I made earlier, and I am planning on making some more glittery decorations soon!!!!! Anyway, if you want to do something with glitter, the most important thing to consider is your adhesive. I LOVE using sticky strip to adhere glitter to projects because it never really falls off and you don't have to wait for it to dry. Also, you get a perfect line every time! The way that I made the glitter hearts was using sticky strip--I just put a bunch of lines of it on top of each other and then punched out the shape I wanted before I took the top red layer off. :) I also like to use the Tombow Multi Purpose adhesive for glitter as well. If you wanted an expert opinion, I'd ask someone at your nearest owner run craft store for more details. I hope you take the chance to glitter your world today! Happy crafting!

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