Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I have fallen in love...with a product line...from K&Company...called SMASH. And it rocks! And it's so awesome! And I want ALL OF IT! So...I wanted to share my new obsession with you! The product line isn't being shipped until May 25th, but you can check it ALL out here.

This is something I would've totally gone crazy for in HS (not much has changed, apparently). So why is this stuff so awesome? Because you can literally add TONS into this notebook (what color to choose?!) and it stays and is smashed (hence the name) into the same size. I LOVE IT!

Did you check out the awesome pen?! One side is a pen, the other side is adhesive to add little notes to the book!!!!!!!!!

And this TAPE?! How awesomely awesome it is! Oh, the possibilities!!!!!

And what about these bands?! I have a bazillion ideas on how to use them already! Not just to close the notebook...I'll post when I have the idea made. :)

Anyway, what is your favorite item?! I cannot choose...I want is ALL!!!!!!!!!!

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