Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Canvas & Surprise Candy!!!

A quick scheduled post--I want all of your opinions!!!  What should I do with this canvas?!

Here it is~

I painted it up and had tons of fun, but what should I DO with it?  Please leave a comment below with your ideas.  The winning idea will receive some surprise blog candy--what will it be?!  Feel free to comment wherever in this world you live--this candy is for anyone!!!  Oh, and please spread the word!  Add my button (below) to your blog somewhere and then link back to THIS POST, pretty please!  You all rock!  Happy crafting! :)


Kathyk said...

I think you should add some funky images (dylusions/octopode/paper artsy) stamped on tissue paper and applied with mod pod or somesuch non gloss medium, add some chain and hang it somewhere really prominent.

Love th eidea of some surprise candy - so here's hoping you like my idea!


Holly Young said...

vintage images applied with mod podge,,,maybe some gold braid (hot glue),,,,,lace,,,,and maybe some Tim Holtz metal embellishments!

Sonia said...

Hi Mynnette,what a fabulous surprise candy:))
You can cover a box(sweets box or tea box or tissue box or other box you prefer)for a Christmas gift and add gold and red details..very traditional:)
Or you can make a Halloween card,with a orange pumpkin and other lovely scary details:))
Or you can make a romantic card add a moon..some stars..a cute image looking upward to the starry sky..
I hope my ideas you like a lot ;)
Fingers crossed:))
Happy Sunday sweety:)

Nikki said...

Hi Mynnette

I'd add some family photos but cut around them and have they overlayed then paint the edges to blend in with the canvas .. but I did find out that when painting on pictures with acrylic it can have a crackle effect on printed images it would add more texture to your work :)
hugs Nikki
thanks for the chance too :)

Becky said...

Well I am not as creative with canvas, never work on one. But if I did I would do a scripture with some elements and do a decorative frame.
Hugs :)

Danielle Vincent said...

Oh cool looking canvas Mynnette! If it were me I would add a vinyl saying and/or lettering and a photo or two and hang it on the wall. Could put an inspirational quote and some charms or metal accents on it too. So many possibilities :o) Good luck deciding what to do with it.

Vicky Hayes said...

What an amazing background Mynnette! Those rings remind me of the olympic symbol so I would add an inspirational photo and a quote like Try, try again and never, ever give up! Whatever you decide to do will be gorgeous of course! Vicky x

Karen Letchworth said...

If you add vintage images and bind some additional pages, you could make a cool prayer journal.
It's really cool, Mynnette. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with it.
Karen L

Stampsnob said...

Build it up with tons of steampunk art objects.......Lis

Nancy Seed said...

Hey Mynnette. I this it would look great with a simple frame over top of the canvas (smaller than the canvas and then inside the frame you could either put a picture or inspirational quotes or sayings. These could then be changed up throughout the year. You could also add a simple or fussy bow or ribbon on a diagonal over one corner. Good luck, as always I'm sure it will turn out spectacular!

Robin said...

I think I would add a picture collage along with a scripture or some inspiring words and frame it. Or possibly some athletic moment of your son along with something from the Olympics that would go with it. All the circles remind me of the Olympics. Either way I would definately frame it. Hugs, Robin

Rebecca/Sydney's Sentiments said...

This is so cool! I think I would make it the background for a picture and hang it up. Thanks for a chance to win.

Pia S said...

I think this looks like a work of art, just as it is! But if you'd prefer to add something to it, I could imagine this looking great with a name on it! Would be great as a sign to hang on a teenager's bedroom door!

Njeri said...

How about doing something like this here?
Do a 3d art on the canvas(with paper) then spray paint a dark color (or your favorite color). I bookmarked that tutorial for someday.

Sonia said...

I have other ideas,can I tell you?
Ok,one is,I'm a romantic woman,add a cute image,LOTV elephant with cute:)
The other is: you can cover a try for a Christmas gift with candles in the corner..elegant:)
An other you can cover a diary/personal organizer,unusual and very lovely with gold or silver ribbon:)
Hugs dear Mynnette,

nwilliams6 said...

Reminds me of scripture with the rings and the purple colors - add a scripture and make a wall hanging. The scripture should be something really affirming like "I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me." Fun idea for a suprize blog candy - I am adding it to my blog now.

May said...

Hi I would add a dressform and vintage it up... would look good!!! Hugs May x x x

Suzanne B aka brookfies said...

I'd go for a collage Mynette, made up of images of all your favourite things and some key words OR I'd cover with letters with texture. xx