Friday, March 25, 2011

Ta da! took me FOUR hours to make this set...but I think it was worth I! Its my sneek peek reveal!!! What do you think? I love the colors and the different textures of the beads. Making these pieces was very rewarding and they make my soul happy. :) I hope you take the time today to create something fabulous. Happy creating!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Promised Sneak Peek!!!

So, our JoAnns recently moved and had a HUGE discount sale--I got some AWESOME deals on paper crafting items as well as jewelry findings. I bought a few Swarovski crystal pendants that have orange in them, and I just put them away thinking I'd get to them sometime. Enter the GRAND OPENING of the new JoAnns! Do you see that picture up there? That is one of the EXACT pendants I bought a few weeks ago! SO, all of you who received the JoAnns ad this week, you saw a similar necklace to the one I'm planning. I'm going to the grand opening sale--and I will post the AWESOME necklace I make afterward! Stay tuned for the next few days--more crafts are coming you way!!!

Green: Exuding LIFE!

One color that just exudes the spring season is GREEN! So, here is my green tribute to spring. :) My DH says that the natural stone looks like gray, but you have to believe me that it really is GREEN!

I am so grateful for the talents that God has blessed me with--it helps me to have a creative outlet for my energy and helps me feel that I do make a difference in some little way. I hope you take the chance today to develop one of YOUR many talents--and if you want to learn a new one, it's possible! Happy crafting!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've Got the Blues

Blue jewelry that is! I told you earlier that I would be posting my blues and greens--today it's the blues! I love the natural stone and the semi-precious gemstone chips together. And I love that this blue isn't deep--it's light and springlike! Just like the BEAUTIFUL weather we're having! Hope you like it--and I hope this inspires you to create something today! Happy beading!

PS: Stay tuned tomorrow for GREEN and another sneak peek!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


It was absolutely GORGEOUS today in KS! Low to mid 70s, nice breeze, sun out, low humidity. A perfect day to walk the dog and STAMP. :) Here is the card we will be making at my workshop this Saturday. It's really simple--and really cute! It's also incredibly versatile! Just add a sentiment to the top and you have a wonderful any type of card. A simple strip of green cardstock feathered on the top creates whimsical grass. Stamping line images onto patterned paper and punching them out with circles and layer them onto solid colored cardstock creates a quick and easy flower tops. And adding GLITTER jazzes the whole thing up! Hopefully this inspires you to create today--happy stamping!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cherry Limeades and Thinking of Yous!

So, I have a very sweet and lovely friend who brought all of us at work on Friday cherry limeades. SO, the first card is my cherry limeade sweet thank you! :) The second card is a thinking of you for a friend who's far away. I used my Sizzix purse for the white backgrounds on both, used the same layout for the ribbon, but when it came to the top, that's where I tried to make each one special and on of a kind. :) Hope you like them, and I hope you feel inspired to make something yourself! Happy stamping!

More Jewels!

Here are pics of my most recent jewelry endeavor. I REALLY love purple! Our local bead store, Born to Bead (Derby, KS), was having a sale of 30% off natural stone, so I of course had to buy somethings! Stay tuned for blue and green!!! :) Happy crafting!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Okay, so I now know WHY I have been having issues with my crafting lately. I've been needing new inspiration! Enter: PBS!!! They have a new crafting show called The Spotted Canary. IT IS AMAZING! If you want inspiration, go to their site--no matter what kind of creations you make, they HAVE IT! So, I'm now inspired and keep checking back for my creations that will be inspired by my new favorite site! Happy crafting!!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not a Sucker-punch...

Nope, this is not a sucker punch! It's just a look at a FABULOUS punch card! I made this last year, and since I haven't shared it on my blog, I decided to, since I've been really lazy lately about crafting...anywho, please feel free to copy it--just punch out some circles and fold in two sides, apply to project and enjoy! :) Happy crafting!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I've been feeling really blah lately about crafting--maybe I'm getting something serious! Anyway, these are the latest two projects I've done!!! Enjoy and happy crafting!!!