Monday, May 30, 2011

Let the summer creating begin!

I kicked off my summer today by creating some beautiful things with a beautiful friend. :) I'll be showing them to you in the next few days. I wanted to start with this awesome cannister. I bought it at a garage sale for 25¢ and it needed help. It had some magazine cutouts on it...not so cute. Anyway, I decided to use some of my vast supply of paper and came up with this! I adhered it with Elmer's white glue (aka faux mod podge) and it took a total of thirty minutes to make. Each side is different. I think it turned out fabulously! I hope this summer inspires you to create something new! Happy crafting!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Digital Cards


Digital scrapbooking has become a hobby of mine lately, and when I came across an Etsy shop that had some HILARIOUS card sayings--I decided I had to make my own rendition of them. Because I like pretty cards. We go together like...take your pick! They are the perfect size for a 1/2 sheet card (4.25"x5.5"). Click and save--they're yours for free!!! Hope you have a wonderful day--happy creating!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Patriotic Decor Printable!

Here is a printable I will be using as decor on my shelf during the Fourth of July. Right click and save--it's yours for FREE!!!!! Enjoy--and happy crafting!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I have fallen in love...with a product line...from K&Company...called SMASH. And it rocks! And it's so awesome! And I want ALL OF IT! So...I wanted to share my new obsession with you! The product line isn't being shipped until May 25th, but you can check it ALL out here.

This is something I would've totally gone crazy for in HS (not much has changed, apparently). So why is this stuff so awesome? Because you can literally add TONS into this notebook (what color to choose?!) and it stays and is smashed (hence the name) into the same size. I LOVE IT!

Did you check out the awesome pen?! One side is a pen, the other side is adhesive to add little notes to the book!!!!!!!!!

And this TAPE?! How awesomely awesome it is! Oh, the possibilities!!!!!

And what about these bands?! I have a bazillion ideas on how to use them already! Not just to close the notebook...I'll post when I have the idea made. :)

Anyway, what is your favorite item?! I cannot choose...I want is ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Oldies but Goodies!

Random project pictures--I made these forever ago and wanted to share!!! :)

The top one is my FAVORITE!!! It's so simple, too! Take a plastic test tube and fill it with Reese's Pieces. Punch out ovals and fold in half and cut to look like leaves. Attach with tag and elastic cording!

The second one is another favorite. I LOVE jewelry--this is a pin! I used punches to create it. The image is embossed in Kaleidoscope embossing powder to give it a holographic effect. Love it!

The last one is a one page no cut bag. I originally got the idea here. Gotta love Splitcoast! Happy crafting, everyone!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts & Cards

Happy Mother's Day! I originally got this poem to use for teacher appreciation week, but I felt that it describes mothers (aka ALL women) to a tee! So I made one to frame for my mother and she's also getting a huge jar of M&Ms! Plus the card I made, of course! Hope you take the time to tell the women in your life that you are grateful for them!

*To get the 4"x6" printable poem, just right click and save!