Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby Wipe Reinker Tutorial

So, I promised a tutorial about yesterdays card technique and here it is! This is one of my favorite techniques to use. It takes people's breath away trying to figure out HOW you did the marbling effect! And it's SO EASY!

Here's what you need:


*Baby wipes
*Clear mount block (optional)
*Cardstock (white or cream works best)

Here's what you do with these things:

1. Place one baby wipe (folded up) onto your clear mount block. Take the lightest color of reinker and put random dots of it around the wipe.

2.Continue with other reinkers (lightest to darkest) until there is a "solid" block of color like this:

3. Ink up stamp by pressing directly into the ink firmly--DO NOT "tap" to ink up image. It has to be done in ONE "smush." :)

4. Stamp your image. It may look something like this:

5. Add to project:

Ta da! You're done! How easy is this?! I love it! I hope you take the time to do this technique and try all sorts of color combos! Happy stamping!


Jennifer Juniper said...

That effect is so pretty!

Mynnette said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I hope you try it out!

Cazro said...

Wonderful and looks an easy but very effective technique. thanks Mynette. Caz