Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freedom Goodies!

Hello, all! Here is my latest culinary craft! ;) I'm not a very good cook or baker, but Oreo truffles, YES. I CAN make those!

Here's the recipe

1. Combine 1 pkg. Oreo's (any flavor) and 1 8oz. pkg. cream cheese. Blend together to create a paste.

2. Refrigerate filling for about 1hr.

3. Make into balls and dip in chocolate.

UM, YEAH. That easy and OH SO GOOD!!!!!

Here are the details on my flag:
1. The red truffles are the NEW berry smoothie (or whatever) Oreo's

2. The white truffles are original Oreo's

3. The blue truffles are fudge filled Oreo's (the stars are made from white chips)
4. NOT PICTURED: green dipped MINT Oreo truffles (my fav, so I HAD to make some)

I hope you take the time to make something yummy for your Independence Day celebration! Happy baking!

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