Friday, July 8, 2011

It's time again...Christmas in July!!!!

Yes, it's that time again...CHRISTMAS IS JULY! I'm pretty sure that I've shared this card before, but I don't care! I finally had the time to make up more than one of these beauties with a wonderful friend, but I needed to use a different shade of red--so TECHNICALLY, it's new! :) Anyway, The laser cut image on the front is a sticker--yep! STICKER. My friend bought these on deep clearance and gave them to me and told me to "make something awesome." So, I think I came through...not to be TOO prideful. :) Anyway, I am a glitter queen, so glitter came into play. The only new thing on these cards (besides shade of red) is the inclusion of another sentiment on the inside. Hopefully this inspires you to make your Christmas cards this year--call me! Let's do it! Happy stamping!

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