Wednesday, April 13, 2011

VT Easter Gifts

In our church, we have a program called Visiting Teaching (VT). Two sisters from our congregation will visit a few other sisters each month. This way we are able to make sure that everyone is doing well and to be able to help if any help is needed. Since this month is Easter, I decided to make them a special Easter gift. I didn't want it to be chocolate or anything that would be unremembered. I was sitting in my kitchen, smelling my new Gain dish soap (because it smells DELICIOUS) and a thought came to me. My husband thinks its a little corny, but I think it's cute! I made tags that say, "Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can be made clean and GAIN eternal life." LOL! I think it's awesome! What do you think? Feel free to take the tags--their FREE! They measure 3"x3". The other side is a scripture about Jesus Christ from the Book of Mormon. I hope you take the time to make something for someone you love today! Happy crafting!!!

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