Friday, September 9, 2011

Pinterest Weekend Picks

I like the idea that I've seen a few blogs I follow do...Wow. That sentence was horrific! What I meant to say was that I love Pinterest and so when I see others' picks from Pinterest, I love it! So, I am gonna try to start something new each Friday evening/night.

I am going to post my top five Pinterest picks, one of each from the following categories: Crafts, Home Decor, Photography, Food and


Which can be anything.

Even another pick from a previous category.

Because this is MY blog.

And I get to do what I WANT.


So, without anymore petulance, here are my top picks from tonight with links to their original websites!


Home Decor~
OTHER (Kid's Food Ideas)~

Hope you enjoy these links--I hope you have a happy weekend! Happy pinning! :)

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