Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MMM Final Steampunk Challenge

:( Sad. :( Sad. :( Sad. :(

:( This week is the last week for Make My Monday's steampunk month. :(

I have to admit--I really was thinking about passing up the whole steampunk thing. I'd never done it and was wary of buying stamps I thought I'd never buy. BUT--I'm so glad I didn't! I've learned so much this month and I've had such fun! Plus, everyone I've shown my creations has loved them and so I know that people will continue to love steampunk cards from me!

Anywho, I REALLY enjoyed this week's challenge (found here). It was to make a creation using steampunk and the creation could be anything...except a card!

I had an empty nut jar, and I knew that it was fate!

Here's the project~

I used an interesting color scheme--gold, silver, brown/yellow, and blue. I wanted to make the jar into something I could give away as a gift to someone. I used the sentiments "hello" and "time flies" so that I could give the jar to a friend I haven't seen for a while. :)

I used ribbon around the lid and as a bow...I think ribbon is very Victorian, don't you think? I also used lots of metal on the project--especially to accent the dry embossed gears. Since I used the sentiment "time flies" on top of the jar, I put clocks around the whole jar.

Close up of the front panel~

Close up of the clocks around the side~

And more details~

I wanted a cool top, so I used paper to create a rosette with a sentiment on top of it. Rosette are

trés Victorian, non?

Close up of the top~

What do you think? I was so pleased with how it turned out!

Thanks for looking--I appreciate you!!! Thanks, gals MMM, for another fabulously awesome challenge--cannot wait until next week! Happy crafting!


Yvonne Garner said...

Oh Mynette! So creative! I am very impressed. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your congratulations. It is my first win in a challenge too. Best, Yvonne

Mynnette said...

Thanks, Yvonne! :)

Brandy Billings said...

Awesome job Mynnette!! That looks so good!

Jacqueline said...

This is very creative - and so unique. I'm so glad we at Make My Monday have opened up a whole new world of crafting for you. Our theme changes next week but I'm sure you could find a way of incorporating steampunk into the new challenges! - Jacqueline xx

Suzanne Brookfield said...

You so deserved your top 3 spot last week. Great to see you back again this week with another fabulous piece of craft. The recipient will love it for sure. Next month's is a great of challenges tooooooo. Suzanne xxx

Cazro said...

Well done Mynnette, I am so glad you have come to enjoy Steampunk, we are in the same boat, I felt the same in the beginning, but I am a convert too. Your jar creation is a brilliant idea, I know whoever receives it will be delighted. Thanks for sharing with us again. I do hope you like the theme for next month for it's my choice. Caz

Cath said...

I am so glad you have come to love SteamPunk. This jar is just fabulous, love the colours you have used. Thanks for joining in again over on Make My Monday, and congrats for last week.


Fliss said...

Wow Mynnette! Amazing jar and I'm so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the steampunk theme once you got your head round it.
I quite often do challenges simply because they challenge my creativity.
You certainly cracked this one and it will make a fabulous gift for someone.
Thanks for joining in with Make My Monday's final steampunk challenge. Lovely to see you there.
Hugs, Fliss x

Mynnette said...

Caz, I'm so excited to scoot over and see your theme! Thanks for the sweet words, friends!