Wednesday, September 28, 2011

JUGS 3D Fall Project

So much fun! I love fall! AND I LOVE the holidays it brings--especially Thanksgiving! Each year, my mother asks me to make a little treat and place cards for out holiday table. The JUGS challenge this week (make a 3D fall project) was perfect for creating a little treat favor! This treat favor is one of my favorites! It uses a test tube to create an "Indian Corn".

Here it is~

And a close up of the tag/leaves~

The leaves were really easy to make--just punch out an oval, fold it in half and make quick cuts!

I didn't have any Reese's Pieces to put in it to make it a REAL Indian corn, so I had to use what I had on hand-jelly beans leftover from Easter.

Don't judge! You KNOW you have months old candy in your house somewhere! ;)

Thanks so much for taking a quick look at my little 3D project! Thank you, ladies at JUGS for a fabulous challenge--so much fun! Happy crafting!!!

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