Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Mother Load

Nope.  There is absolutely no {ish} about this post.  I made out like a bandit at the bi-annual Scrap*Funattic garage sale!!!  I don't know if you remember, but last time I seriously got some good deals.  This time they weren't necessarily as drastically fabulous, but I still made out like a bandit!  I spent $39 and some change.  Ready to have your mind blown?!  I'll do a break down of the deals, too, leaving the best for last, of course! ;)  Thank you for indulging me in a seriously gloat filled post.  Please do not hate me.  Just come visit so we can go together in April! ;)

Here's the ML (Mother Load)~

And the deals~

$8 for 3 paper stacks

$6 for these two sets--the clear mount set is 
a bunch of Valentine sentiments and images

$10 for these four set

$2 for 24 darling heart magnets (for school)

$1 for these adorable butterfly clips (possible bookmarks)

And now the BFL (Best For Last)~

$9 for this basket and its contents...

Which included ALL THESE STAMPS!!!
I'd say easily worth about $100?!  Maybe?!  Guesses?!

Okay, so do you think I did good?  I know, it's not like the $7 bag of $125 worth of stamps I found last time, but come on!  And the fun don't stop there!  I will be going next Friday for 1/2 price day!!!  That's right--anything left that is not marked pink will be 1/2 off!!!  So, stay tuned for more deals AND for cards using these stamps! ;)  Happy stamping!


Suzi B said...

You did good!
Suzi b x

Katy said...

This is awesome!! You are going to have so much using all of it! Love the paper stacks! :)--ok maybe a little jealous ;)

Lisa Elton said...

SCORE!!! Looks like someone had a GOOD time!!

Suze Bain said...

Oh lordy, that is some serious bargains. You wouldn't get this in the UK. Enjoy using all your new goodies. xx

Pia S said...

You're one lucky lady - happy crafting!