The Pony CASE-Press

Welcome to the Pony CASE-Press!  I'm so glad you're here!  This concept is a little bit different and combines a few popular challenges that are already out and about in blog-land.

Here's the concept--The Pony CASE-Press combines Wida's idea for CASADIA and Deborah's idea for her Card Chain Challenge.  Participants will CASE the card before them in the queue and then mail their CASE to the person whose work inspired them!

Here's how this works:
  1. The person wishing to participate will contact me, Mynn, at onastampageATyahooDOTcom with their mailing address and be placed in the queue line and will be emailed a personalized watermark to use on the photo of the card they create for this challenge.
  2. Mynn will email the participant when it is his/her time to craft and send out a picture of the card they will CASE with the recipient's mailing address.
  3. The participant will look at the card that the participant before them created, CASE it, and then send it to the person who inspired them. The participant will also send Mynn a photo of their creation to be put on the queue as soon as the recipient receives it.
There are a few rules:
  1. Only sign up if you are willing to ship a card internationally.  This concept will be open world wide as another way to build a fun and friendly online community for crafters.
  2. Please be timely in making and sending your creation.  Because this is an international chain, cards need to be made and sent within a week of receiving the email from Mynn so that we can keep things moving along. 
  3. Please make sure to use the Pony CASE-Press watermark on the photo of your card.  If you need help with this, email Mynn and she will do it for you! :)
  4. After you sign up to participate, please add our badge to your sidebar so that others can find us!
  5. You will need to make sure NOT to blog your card until the recipient receives it. After they do, blog your card and email me the link.
  6. HAVE FUN!
If you have any questions or are confused, please email me, Mynn, at onastampageATyahooDOTcom before signing up.  HUGS and happy stamping! :)

Card 01 By Petra Swart

Card 02 By Mynn Kitchen

Card 03 By Karen Bourke

Card 04 By Becca Cruger

Card 05 By Vicki Dutcher

Card 06 By Emily Daggett

Card 07 By Robyn Oliver

Card 08 By Petra Swart

Card 09 By Karen Bourke

Card 10 By Rebecca Deeprose

Card 11 By Mynn Kitchen

Card 12 By Kathe Deck

Card 13 By Becca Cruger

Card 14 By Taunya Butler

Card 15 By Berni Cuttino

Card 16 By Vicki Dutcher

Card 17 By Lee Ann Barrett

Card 18 By Karen Bourke

Card 19 By Mynn Kitchen

Card 20 By Petra Swart

Card 21 By Joyce Mehrberg

Card 22 By Rebecca Deeprose

Card 23 By Becca Cruger

Card 24 By Berni Cuttino

Card 25 By

Card 26 By

Card 27 By

Card 28 By

Card 29 By

Card 30 By


Vicki Dutcher said...

Mynn - you are so good at creating challenges! this one sounds really fun count me in -- I'll em you~

Rebecca Deeprose said...

Ditto on Vicki's comment! Sounds great and i'd love to play!

KatheD said...

What an awesome idea! Me too, please :) - I'll send off an email right now...

~amy~ said...

WOW! Found you via Vicki...what an awesome challenge! So fun seeing all the inspiration!