Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Welcome to...

...Mynnette epically fails and tries to redeem herself night! ;)  Yes.  I mess up.  A LOT.  I occasionally (putting it lightly) HATE strongly dislike my creations.  And since I rarely share those, I felt like I should today.  Because it is a reminder to myself to DO BETTER.  (DISCLAIMER--you may think this card is ok/pretty/love it...but I DO NOT.  Thank you for your sympathy.  This is not a pity party.  I just want to share the fact that I do not always make beautiful cards like I would like to.)

Here is my epic fail~

Epic Fail details~

Was supposed to be for these fabulous challenges~

(I was trying to be inspired by Heather's
amazing layered borders...FAILED.)

I will not be linking up this completely, utterly, epic fail to these fabulous challenges.  But please play along with them!  Like I said above, this is not a pity party.  Nor am I searching for comments like, "Oh, Mynnette!  I have NO CLUE what you're talking about--this is lovely!"  You'd be lying.  So please, just don't. ;)  On the other hand, Susan, Heather, or Cheryl, if you've popped by, I'd like to have your opinion on where I went wrong, please!!!  I've tried to redeem myself.  Please let me know if you think my attempt has done so!

Here is my chance at redemption~


For these fabulous challenges~

(LOVE using dry embossed lines on my one layer cards!)

(This is the ultimate happy quote)

Less is More: One layer + 3s
(groups of 3 rhinestones, group of 3 flowers,
groups of 3 dry embossed lines)

Yes.  This is way more to my liking!  I'm sorry about the awful photos--my DH is working on a lighting solution for me since I HATE strongly dislike spending money on things we can do for ourselves.  Anyway, back to the card!  MUCH BETTER.  My favorite one layer embellishment--dry embossed lines--with a simple sentiment, simple image, a bit of bling, and a bit of glitter!  I felt much better after making this card.  I was really worried that my mojo was gone!!!  Oh, and I made a third card, but you'll have to come back later to see it as I'm entering it into some of the same challenges as mentioned above. ;)

Thanks for stopping by--I hope to see you again and I can't wait to see your fabulous creations out in the blog world!!! Happy stamping, friends! :)


Victoria said...

You don't leave me much room for a comment when you tell me that I can't say I like your first card! All I can say is that regardless of what I think of this particular card, we all have cards that we're not happy with or which don't turn out how we hoped, but I think we learn as much if not more from those kind of cards as our glorious successes! (Not that that helps our immense frustration at the time!)
As for the second card, the card of redemption, I love the embossed lines as you do and think they lift the whole design of the card. Amazing to think what a a few lines will do really. And I agree that it is the ultimate happy quote!

Ardyth said...

I love your style - I've been laughing through the whole post and that, plus your cards (BOTH of them, yes, I've said it) plus the fact that you've played along with CASology make me very happy !

Lisa Elton said...

Chuckle chuckle, snort snort you are TOO funny! I think we are all our own worst critic. Great attempt and great redemption!

Bernardine Cuttino said...

Your redemption is fabulous, love it. Thanks so much for your kindess visiting my blog. cyber hugs

Esther Asbury said...

You're not the only one who messes up and trashes her creations! I've done it more times than I can count....CAS cards are a particular "sore spot" with me.
That being said -- your "redemption" turned out great!

Bonnie said...

You definitely redeemed yourself! These are really hard colors unless you're doing a baby card! They work with this set though. Wish I'd thought of that.

Tracey McNeely said...

Mynette all your cards are so so pretty. Great colour choice. Thank you so much for joining us at CASology this week!

krcmasterpiece said...

OMG! Your as dramatic as I get!! LOL

If there is one thing I've learned in making 7 selling my cards-the ones I HATE sell first! LOL Isn't that HILARIOUS? So let's get this straight-what we criticize in some creations-others love.

2nd-I cannot do CAS. I just can't. It's just not my style. If it's not distressed & layered -I don't like it. (my own creations) When I see other peoples-I love it. Just can't do it myself.

3rd-I do agree the second one is better. But that's what creativeness is all about-trying new things, new techniques. Can't tell you all the things I've thrown away or redone.

Thanks for all your encouraging comments & following my blog-I love getting feed back.

We appreciate you playing with us @ WAW.

Chrissie said...

I think this is just part of crafting Mynnette... there are times when fabulous ideas just don't come off in our eyes... that doesn't necessarily mean that others don't like them.
I do prefer your second card too however!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Kylie said...

Well! Them's fighting words! I'll keep it short and sweet - love them both ;)
Thanks so much for playing along at ATS xx

Jacqueline said...

Mynnette - I know exactly how you feel - I just save these kind of cards for the people I don't like!
Thank you for joining us at ATS this week and sharing your 'Epic Fail' - this makes me chuckle 'cos it sounds like what my son would say!! - Jacqueline xx

Viv said...

Well I like both cards too Mynette,( can't help it I do!)..... however I do prefer the second.I think we all feel like that about our cards. I like the look of mine until I take a photo then I see exactly what's wrong with it lol. :) Viv xx

Jean said...

I love your choice of stamp set ~ this one has always been a favorite of mine. We all make cards that we do not like ~ its just part of the creative process. However, it seems that there are cards that I post that I think are just fabulous, that I don't get a big positive response on, and others that I think are just so-so that many seem to love. Go figure ~

Heather T said...

The second one is my favourite and you have the lines happening in the scoring and the flower stems; it`s delicate and pretty.

Melissa said...

Hopefully, you enjoyed the creative process! :)

While your second card is a beautiful redemption, I have to say I do like your first one too! :)

Thanks for joining us at CASology again this week!!

kingstonmama said...

Okay! Lips sealed. :) I do like the second one best. Those sparkly blooms are lovely. Ann Y.

Gabby said...

Love your "redemption" card! Saw you in the OLW97 gallery. Wonder if you'll post this ... embossed lines. :)

Jen W. said...

We all have epic fail moments and I love it when people are brave enough to share them!

Love the score lines in the second card did the quote is really perfect for the challenge! Thanks for playing along at CaSology this week!

Marie said...

Nothing is ever useless! If you don't like your them one day this card will be perfect for someone! I have many of these non favorite cards and someone else thinks they are great! Love your redemptions.

Canonbury creations said...

Your post made me laugh Mynnette! Personally I agree with you about the first card and I think it's because you got the ratio wrong with the background strip being too large for the images. Love your redemption card:) Perfect aspect and I love the colours! Thanks for playing along with us at ATS.
Val x

Patrice said...

Happy, happy! I hope you'll link up at 52 Card Pickup this week!

Patty Gorka said...

Nope, not a fail...LOL But if I had to pick one I would say your second one is my favorite. It's so my style, nicely done!

Unknown said...

Such a happy sentiment Minette which you obviously weren't after your first card!!! Must agree that your second card is so much nicer - think it's something to do with the layout and colour. Thanks so much for joining us at ATS this week.

Karen x

Deanna said...

Hi Mynnette,
We all have ones that don't turn out like we imagined. Love your redemption card it is very lovely I love the horizontal format.