Monday, October 31, 2011

Gratitude Challenge...Expanded

For those of you who follow me, you know that I recently joined the Gratitude Challenge--basically that means that this holiday season we make thank you cards and send them out! Because gratitude is so incredibly important. I have a few thank you's I'd like to say here on my blog. I will share a card as well, but this post is mainly about my gratitude for the blogging community and some very special bloggers who have helped me...and they might not know it because I've never really told some of them!

But first, the card. :) I made this extremely quickly--it took a little less than 5 minutes. And I love the way it turned out!

Here it is~

This is why it was so easy--I used patterned paper for the main images! Yep. It's just patterned paper on top of a cardstock base! Then I stamped my sentiment, punched it out and backed it with more punches, colored it with a clear glitter pen and attached it to the card. Then I added a bit of bling.

Here's a close up of the sentiment~

And the bling~

And now onto the more important part of this post--the thanking! I was recently awarded the Butterfly Award and the Versatile Blogger award by Susan at Cricut & Grasshopper. Thank you, Susan! You made my October! :)

With the Butterfly Award there are no rules attached but with the Versatile Blogger award there are a few rules:

1.) Thank the person who awarded you.
2.) Tell 7 things about yourself that your readers may not know.
3.) Award 7 other bloggers this award.

Here are 7 things that you may not know about me (and may wish you never knew...DUN DUN DUN!):

1) I was born on Mother's Day. And I sang in Carnegie Hall in college. (Yeah, that's two...oh, well!)
2) I LOVE tomatoes and tomato based foods, but they do NOT love me--they give me horrible heartburn! And yet, I can't stop eating them...
3) I am an avid (understatement) reader. I own almost all of Agatha Christie's mysteries...yep. Almost all 80-something of them!
4) I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I feel blessed to be sealed to my dearest husband and best friend not just for this life, but for all eternity! :)
5) I am the November Guest Design Team Member for Make My Monday! (Please join us--it's so fun!)
6) I do not have any children due to infertility issues--we're working on it, but it is totally stressful! This issue makes me feel terribly alone sometimes...but I love that my blog friends lift me up!
7) I LOVE McRib sandwiches from McDonald's (just like Susan, who nominated me). Don't judge! ;D They rock!

Some of those things actually play a part in who I would like to honor with these awards. You'll see how in just a bit (if you don't stop reading...I know this is terribly long!) If you are honored, please feel free to take these buttons and add them to your blog (please follow the rules if you choose to take the Versatile Blogger award).

In alphabetical order, I would like to honor:

1) Aunt Peaches for always making me smile! She is totally hilarious and has some seriously unique craft projects!
2) Deborah's Gems for always leaving me comments--you make my day quite a bit! I consider you one of my best blogging friends! :)
3) Deezine's Art for honoring my with the November Guest Design Team Member spot at Make My Monday for November--you seriously helped me to continue blogging! I was about to quit...
4) Shoregirl's Creations for all her sweet comments when nobody else bothered with my little unknown blog...and for all of her FABULOUS craft ideas and delicious recipes!
5) Simplicity by Lateblossom for helping me discover CAS style, the Gratitude Challenge and her other wonderful blogs--Questioning my Intelligence and Questioning Autism.
6) Thoughts on Infertility for sharing her personal experiences to help lift me when I need it and for researching options for those of us struggling with infertility.
7) Two Shades of Pink for taking the time to post her WHOLE infertility struggle story--you will never know how much it helped me stay strong and keep my hope and faith for a baby.

Ladies, you all rock! You all make my day in different ways--you're versatile! THANK YOU for all you do! You make a difference in MY world!!! :)

I hope that you are inspired to say thank you to someone today--it's so important and it makes you feel happier! Happy thanksgiving! :)


Debgem said...

Mynnette - thank you so much for the award and your very kind comment. Thanks for considering me to be your friend - most honoured. BTW - today's card is really cool. I think the paper is lovely and the bling is just perfect! Sending you hugs xxx

Jacqueline said...

Thank you Mynnette - You are so kind to honour me with this award. You are a fabulous crafter and MMM wouldn't be the same without you. God Bless - Jacqueline xx

Susan Raihala said...

Thank you, Mynnette! I'm honored that you thought of me and so happy you're participating in the Gratitude Challenge! Blessings to you for all you do and for being the kind person you are.

And the card completely rocks! Love the bling with the DP. Perfect!

lostinpaper said...

Love your card! Especially the embossed sentiment!

Sandy said...

A gorgeous card, love the paper and your reasons for making the card too. There is always something to be grateful for and wonderful people that deserve our gratitude. Love it.

Kaleen Nelson said...

Mynnette, Thank you so much for honoring me on your blog! It is really good to know that you have enjoyed my blog. Sorry it took me so long to get over here to accept this award I really do appreciate it and love how crafty your blog is!

Thanks for reading!!