Thursday, December 23, 2010

MY Version of the Christmas Box :)

Here is a fun project. Take a photo cube. Decorate it. Gift it. It's that easy!

Above are some photo cubes that I made as gifts this year. The top pics are of the sides of the one that I made for the girls I work with at church. Their cubes were religious--as you can tell. The second set of pictures below is of a cube that I made for some women I work with at church. Their cube was a holiday cube that had 6 different holidays, one on each side. That way they can use it as decor in their home all year least I hope they will. :)

These ones are inexpensive because I found the photo cubes in the dollar section of Target ( I LOVE THAT PLACE) and just used supplies I already had. These truly are a gift that keeps on giving because they are used all year long! Feel free to share your ideas, too! I hope that you take the chance to make a quick and easy cube today! :) Happy crafting and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Kathryn said...

The cubes are way cute and such a good idea! Thanks for giving me one. : )