Thursday, December 9, 2010

Very Merry Workshop Projects

I love Christmastime! And I love crafting--as you all know! The pictures above are of the three projects we will be making at my Very Merry Workshop this weekend. I want to share the instructions on how to make the ornament. They are really wonderful to make as a gift and they can be personalized with whatever patterned paper you want. Hope you can make one soon! Happy crafting!!!

Double Ball Ornament


*1 sheet of 12"x12" DOUBLE SIDED patterned paper
*Small hole punch
*Hat pin with cap
*Silver elastic cording


1. Cut 10 pieces of 4" x .75" paper.
2. Cut 10 pieces of 3" x .75" paper.
3. Group the same sizes of paper together and punch a hole about 1/4" from the end.
4. Place the bigger pieces on the hat pin alternating the pattern that is face up. Take the BOTTOM piece and loop it over through the hat pin. Repeat this until all 10 pieces form the top ball.
5. Do the same thing with the smaller pieces.
6. Add beads and cap the hat pin.
7. Add ribbon and elastic cording.
8. Gift it or use it!!!


Kathryn said...

Love it! Too bad I missed the activity.

Unknown said...

I LOVED the purple and green cards. I really rationed who I mailed them to! They are actually much prettier in person. Good job Myn!!