Thursday, December 15, 2011

Becoming At Peace With ME

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Hello! I have to tell you, this week's One Layer Wednesday challenge is so awesome for me! :) The challenge is to create a one layer card that speaks peace to you.

So, a little story about WHY this is the perfect challenge for ME this week. I've been having a really rough couple of months...okay YEARS...with a person in my life. They drive me crazy, they make me want to scream, I have tried to work things out, and they STILL do not listen/get it. (Remember--this is all MY side of the story, so don't judge this person, judge ME).

So, instead of taking the higher road, I have gradually become less happy, less helpful, less kind when I have to be around this person. It didn't happen overnight. I just took baby steps of unhappiness--no longer sending cards to certain people because they associate with this person, no longer smiling while around them, using a curt tone of voice when speaking to others when I have to be around them, not going to church to avoid them... That is NOT me. I usually LOVE to help people. I want to lift people UP, not tear them down. I've had someone ask me why I've become hostile towards them--HOSTILE! That is DEFINITELY not me.

I realized this past Sunday that if I want to be the person I was a few years ago and if I want to be happy and helpful again, I CANNOT let this person bug me anymore. Now remember, this has been a process of many years. It's been slowly happening, and each time I've asked my husband if I was mean, he's told me no. Because I'm really NOT a mean person. And so this has KILLED me. I have never in my life hated going somewhere because of someone. I have never even THOUGHT about hating anyone or anything! So, I made the decision to NOT be that way anymore!

You want to know the results? Oh my word, I feel so light! I wrote a card to the person who asked why I've been so hostile towards her to let her know I am thinking of her--I cried as I addressed it because I felt so incredibly bad for they way I've been acting! I hope she can forgive me and be willing to let me help her again. I'll call her later this week to see if she got the card. I'll be sending out many, many cards for the next few weeks...

I am sooooo HAPPY!!! I cannot tell you how much better I feel knowing that I am no longer going let this person bother me. It was ALWAYS MY choice, but taking my life back after a slow down hill slope has seriously made me feel lighter!

Yeah, I know. I should've done this earlier. I don't know why I couldn't. Well, I do. I and others I love have been continually hurt and I'd tell you how & why, but I feel like rehashing all the bad things that have happen to me and others would totally be wrong because then I'm not really forgiving. AND, I don't even want to think or talk about them anymore. It's my life, and I'm taking it back!!! Anything else this person does is also forgiven. Because I CAN do that!

So, without further ado, I'd like to share the set of six cards I've made for this challenge--three are true one layer cards, but three others I added a punched out sentiment because I stamped it wonky. Yes, wonky is a word. No red squiggles! ;) The two layer cards are STILL CAS style, though. :)

These cards are simple--I'm trying to simplify my life. They don't have BLING--I'm trying to love myself for who I am, not what I wear or have. They are beautiful--just like me and ALL of God's children and creations. The sentiment is my favorite quote of all time--and stamping it over and over today has reinforced the choice I've made. I'm so glad that I was able to participate in the challenge! SO HAPPY! :)

Card 1 & Detail~

Card 2 & Detail~

Card 3 & Detail~

Card 4 (NOT one layer) & Detail~

Card 5 (NOT one layer) & Detail~

Card 6 (NOT one layer) & Detail~

What do you think? I really love them! I'm thinking that I will use them as a gift for someone! :) I hope you've been inspired to make peace with something in your life today! Be it a work situation, a not so perfectly clean house, an unkind word said, or just anything that has bugged you! I KNOW it will help you feel so much better! And while you're at it--won't you come and join us over at One Layer Wednesday? Peaceful stamping! :)


Michelle said...

Oh, Mynnette, what a beautiful post! I am so happy for you! You have made a powerful choice which will have positive ramifications that even you won't be aware of. FANTASTIC! Good on you!

Your cards, of course, are beautiful! I love this set you have made, and I also love the sentiment.

Mynn xx said...

Thanks, Michelle! :)

Joan V said...

Mynette, sounds like you have carried your cross and it finally got too heavy by yourself. You must have prayed so hard and God answered you. So happy that you are at some peace, now.
Love your cards. I have that sentiment, too. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy church this Sunday!!

Rosemary said...

amazing post! and you are amazing for having the courage to share it! God will be doing great things in your life!! the card are absolutely stunning!!! seriously... :)

Darnell Knauss said...

I came here originally because you were so kind to leave a comment on my blog about my "peace" card. Thank you so much for doing that! You are my FIRST comment ever! I'm going to follow you because I really like your cards and to help you reach your goal. I hope you'll follow me, too. You can be my FIRST follower as well. I am enjoying doing the blog and imagine it takes a lot of time for people to follow. Anyway, after reading your post, I wanted to let you know that what you described has happened to me before in my life - sadly, more than once. I find it amazing the influence others can have on us, especially in negative ways and especially if you are normally a positive person! I'm sorry it took a while and a toll on you, but I'm so happy you got out from under the burden of this person. Don't ever look back!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just stumbled onto your blog from Susan's when I was checking out the OLW challenge and I am sooo glad that I did! I, too, have a person in my life like that. When I was reading your post, I thought 'woah...this is me!'. And you are is me that has to change because I am becoming a person that I do not like...a person that is not me. So, thank you for having the courage to write it out and put it out there. It has changed me! Thank you!

GirlGeek101 said...

These are beautiful but card 2 is definitely my favorite OL CAS design! TFS

Cath said...

What a great post, good for you do not let anyone get you down like that again.

PS love the cards xx

Mynn xx said...

Thank you so much for the comments, friends! :)

Anonymous said...

Forgiveness in unlocking the door to set someone free and realizing you were the prisoner! Well done Mynnette, it was a very brave thing to do!
Beautiful cards, all of them!
Love Pearl x

Sheila in Cyprus said...

Like them? I love them, I think they are absolutely gorgeous. Great floral stamp and a beautiful sentiment.
Love Sheila x

Susan Raihala said...

First of all, thank you for sharing your struggle and final victory in forgiveness! Peace be with you.

Second, your card set is a beautiful celebration of that victory. I love the variety of colors, and also how you saved the wonky ones! ;)