Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 12 of 2011

Well, I tried to post this earlier with pictures, but it's just not working! So you get one graphic with all the pictures. I've decided to do a Top 12 of 2011 and choose 1 project from each month to highlight. I'm doing this mainly to reminisce and not for you to have to endure, but feel free to come along for the ride! :)

Before I begin, I want to thank you all--I feel that this year my blog has "taken off" and it's all because of the wonderful people I've met through my blogging. So thank you for all you do to help me! I love looking at all the fabulous creations you come up with and I love all your sweet words and the honors I've been awarded. Thank you!!!

And now

without further ado

My Top 12 of 2011
(click on the month to see the post)

January~ I LOVE the way that these Valentine's tins came out. They are now staples in my seasonal decorating and I love that I was able to reuse some tins that I had stashed away for YEARS! So, this was definitely the highlight of all 3 of my posts in January. ;)

February~ Ah, yes! Faux pressed flowers--so beautiful! And this leads me to wonder whatever happened to me using this technique? And why did i forget how well those two punches layer for sentiments? And whatever happened to my Technique Tuesday Spotlight? Food for thought for a later date...

March~ The month of jewelry. Why don't I make jewelry as much anymore?! I must be concentrating quite hard on my paper crafting...anyway, I LOVE this purple set and I wear it often, as purple is my favorite color. I use it to spruce up brown, white, black and cream. LOVE IT! And I also see how bad these pictures are...and I'm hoping you notice how much better I've become at photographing my projects!

April~ Oh, right! This was the month that I received the gigantic box of winnings from EK Success! But that's not this post. This post is the fabulous new bookmarks I learned to make! They're magnetic, and so they don't slip out of your book!!! LOVE THEM! :)

May~ My birthday month!!! I only posted 6 times. Wow! I can't imagine only blogging six times in one month now! ;) This post highlights my favorite digital cards. They're quite punny! ;) I don't post my digital artwork here on this blog anymore. If you're interested in that type of thing, you can go over to my digital blog here.

June~ Wow, so many things to like about June! This was the first month that I participated in One Layer Wednesday, made jack-o-lanterns out of marshmallow fluff jars, got a lot of use out of clear glitter gel pens, purchased some vintage glitter at a garage sale, and came up with my disclosure policy. BUT, this link will take you to a keychain that I made for my dad. He was using a piece of paper from the last time he'd had an oil change as his keychain. A PIECE OF RED STICKY BACKED PAPER!!! So, this is what I made for him! Rather clever, isn't it?!

July~ This was my second busiest blogging month. I resurrected my love for the baby wipe ink pad technique in July. This is also the month ILink really started to participate in online card making challenges. :) It's given me a purpose in crafting and that really helps me! This post is my first ever submission to Make My Monday challenges. And now I'm a DT member--in just a few short months! WOW. How happy this makes me!

August~ Back to school! To a NEW school! LOVE the people I work with at Swaney Elementary School! :) This link is the card that I won my FIRST award for--from Make My Monday. :) I won twice in August. It really lifted my spirits, as I was just about to quit my blog! Thank you, ladies! :) I LOVE working with you all!!!

September~ The month of STEAMPUNK! I NEVER would've tried this out unless it was part of the MMM challenges! ;) My DH LOVES steampunk now, and wants an aviator hat because of these challenges. He also allows me to buy many more things because they are steampunkish! This post is my favorite steampunk card that won a Top 3 Spot at MMM. Do you see how MMM has totally helped my blogging/crafting life, as well as effected my personal life?!

October~ Happy Halloween!!! I got my face painted, found Case Study challenge, and joined the Gratitude Challenge this month. This post is how I expanded my Gratitude Challenge offerings. A dear blogging friend named Susan had awarded me some blog awards, and so I took the opportunity to thank those who had made me continue my blog.

November~ I was a guest DT member over at MMM this month. ;) My busiest blogging month because I tried to make a card for each challenge. It didn't always work out that way, but I tried! ;) This post is the first card I created for Crafty Cardmakers--a new to me challenge I found in November. Oh, and guess what? I've been asked to be a DT over there!!! Come join us bi-weekly in 2012! It's always a blast!!!

December~ This card amazes me. I cannot believe that my hands made it. It received top honors on a couple of blog sites. And I am so happy with it--I think it's amazingly gorgeous! I believe it's my favorite card of 2012!

As I look back over the past 12 months, I cannot help but be incredibly grateful for all that God has given me in 2011! I have a nice home, a loving husband, a beautiful furry puppy baby, nice clothing, food to eat, wonderful co-workers, a job I truly love, crafty talents to keep me occupied, a fabulous family, and so many amazing blog friends! Thank you for all the highlights of 2011! I cannot wait for a fabulous 2012!


Unknown said...

Happy New Year Mynnette! Thank you for posting your "Best OF" list. I have only been blogging 6 months so I'm still finding a lot of great sites, and yours is definitely one of them! I sooo enjoyed seeing all of these gorgeous projects. I hope I can do one of these next year :-)

Jacqueline said...

Happy New Year Mynnette. My highlight of the year was finding you and I love that we are working together - 2012 will be one HUGE highlight.
much love
Jacqueline xx