Saturday, February 4, 2012

Goodwill Finds!!!

Okay, so I came home from the Goodwill today and told my DH that I'd found a bunch of cool stuff to re-purpose. And you know what he said to me?! "Oh, is THAT the politically correct way to say recycle now?" Why, YES, it is, DH! ;) So, I thought I'd just show you my finds. I'll be posting projects I re-purpose from these items later on...

Here is the first group of finds--not really re-purpose-ful, but good deals anyway.~

My favorite painting is Starry Night, so this $5 canvas of part of it was too hard to pass up.~

I've been really stressed lately, so I got this book to give me some ideas on how to focus. $0.99!~

These are prints of a young Jesus being taught by his parents by Simon Dewey were a steal at $1.49 each, and they'll look fabulous re-framed and in my nursery.~

Here's the second group--ready for repurposing!~

Three different beaded projects that will be dismantled and remade into heaven know what at the moment. $2.50 for all of them~

I fell in love with this print because it looks like something out of Jane Austen's life. I've been wanting to do a Jane Austen journal for a while, and once I get PTI's Simply Jane set, I'll be ready! The print will be the cover and the frame re-purposed somehow. $2.99~

So, I got out of there with all this plus a new shirt (literally--brand new!) and a few more books for only $25!!! What have YOU found today that can be repurposed?! Happy crafting! :)


Unknown said...

HAHA! Mynnette my husband would be impressed with this stash! He LOVES to check out Goodwill, especially looking for interesting paintings. Looks like you had a blast!

Michele said...

gorgeous finds! you'll have lots of fun with these! i look forwad to seeing how you use it all. xo

Jess said...

I love those prints! I'm actually re-purposing jars for Valentine's Day gifts. Check out my blog for pictures. :)

Katy said...

This looks like so much fun! I look forward to your future projects! I enjoy thrifting too! You can find so much fun stuff that way! :)