Saturday, December 25, 2010

My FIRST EVER Holiday Meal at MY HOUSE!!!

My dining room wall--we don't have a fireplace, so this shelf is our "stocking shelf". :D


So, we live near both sets of parents. Which is awesome. Because you get lots of free food. BUT I never get to have a big holiday meal at our house. :( Until now!!! This year my family went on vacation for Christmas and so I got to invite the in laws and some close friends that really could be called family to dinner on Christmas Eve! Of course, I had to make sure my table was festive. This is what I came up with:

Full view of the tables

Single Place Setting

Place Cards--there were 9 of us, so I rotated the patterns. :)

Centerpiece--the flash made the colors weird...but this is the centerpiece I use every year from November through may need a face lift for next year.

And here's the menu:
*King Food
Green Salad with croutons and dressing
Pumpernickel bread
*Baked Apple Pudding
*Oreo Truffles
*Molasses Cookies
*Puppy Chow

I also had oranges on the menu, but totally spaced them. Oops! Here's the question, which starred recipes do you want? Because I don't want to post all of them, but I will post some of them! Comment and tell me your top 3 starred foods and I'll post 3 total recipes as soon as anyone comments...happy cooking and decorating and Happy Holidays!


Unknown said...

What is King Food?

Mynn xx said...

King food is awesome! Matt's dad invented it in the Navy. You cook up 1 lb. of ground hamburger or sausage (I use turkey sausage) and cook it in a skillet. Then you add about 1/2 lb. of thinly sliced potatoes and a couple eggs and cook it until the potatoes are tender. You top it with shredded cheese. Matt's dad says it is food fit for a king! :) It's really yummy!!!