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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some musings...

Hello!  Before I show you the TWO cards I made today (I know--TWO!), I wanted to share some things I've been thinking of lately. 

I was talking to someone recently about being "approachable."  I overheard this person saying that they talk to people, they just don't feel the need to associate with people who are considered popular.  They are content with being friends only with those who are not considered popular.  A few years ago, I think I might have agreed with this.  But when this statement was made, I realized that it was wrong.  Christ tells us to love everyone and be kind to all.  It doesn't matter if we consider them "popular" and think that they don't "need" us.  Everyone needs everyone.

Second musing, why is plain chocolate so ridiculously GOOD?!  I used to think that I needed chocolate that had "stuff" in it, but the past few days, plain old milk chocolate has been SO GOOD to me...I may never go back to chocolate with "stuff" added.  Okay, I probably will, but seriously, plain milk chocolate is so dang GOOD!

Last musing, is anyone else disturbed that sweet potato CHIPS are being advertized as a serving of vegetables or that pizza is soon to be considered a vegetable?  Also, what is UP with school lunches?!  As someone who works for a school district, I have one thing to say--they are NEVER balanced "correctly" (one meal will consists of mainly carbs and starches, another meal mainly of vegetables), and the kids THROW ALL THE "HEALTHY" STUFF AWAY.  Is anyone who can do anything about this reading this?!  I have seen no less than about 15 UNEATEN AND UNBITTEN bananas or apples or oranges be THROWN AWAY EVERY SINGLE DAY and that is just in the 30 minutes I'm in the lunch room.  So, seriously.  We won't even go into the portion sizes.

Okay, there we go!  I just really had to get that out! ;)  Thanks for indulging me!  And now, the CARDS!!!  It is my last day of holiday break and I am trying to make the most of it!

Here's my first card~


For these fabulous challenges~


Well, I certainly was able to use a LOT of new stuff on this card!  The "sentiment" is a new stamp by Hero Arts, the floral images are from a new set by Inspired By Stamping, the frame die cut is new from Spellbinders, and the dry embossing folder is new from Sizzix.  All other supplies are by Stampin' Up! except the liquid pearls, which are by Ranger.

Here's my second card~


For these fabulous challenges~

This card utilizes new stuff, too!  All stamps are by Hero Arts (the heart image is new), the bling is all from my stash (the heart rhinestone is new), the dry embossing folder is by Sizzix, the rest of the supplies are by Stampin' Up!.

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to visit me!  WELCOME to all my new followers--you are all amazing, old and new!  I hope you take some time today to create something spectacular!  Happy stamping!!! :)


Pia S said...

You've been so creative today! Two great cards, totally different in style, one classy and elegant, the other more modern! I like them both!

Kim- said...

Wow, I love your cards! I thought the first one was patterned paper until I got a closer look. Awesomeness! I agree with your thoughts too, especially school lunches! I've had lunch with my kiddo and was like what?! I pay for this?! Needless to say, Santa brought him a new lunch sack :)

Lisa said...

What FUN cards today Mynnette! Love the the first one so very pretty! Now about the plain chocolate...milk chocolate Hershey's Bliss melting in your mouth, not chewed! nuff said ;)

Michelle said...

Both cards are really beautiful, Mynnette! I really love the blue and brown colour scheme, and you've used it so well!

I think your friend was speaking from her own insecurities. Whether someone is "popular" or not, we all have our own issues and insecurities, and we all have something to offer others. Restricting who you will associate with based on your perception of their popularity is only reducing your potential pool of friends. ;-)

Onto food (you've hit one of my soapbox issues, Mynnette, LOL!) - I have seen some scary things relating to the classification of food in the USA. Since I don't live there, I can't really tell if it is true, or not. Although classifying any type of chip as a vegetable, or pizza as a vegetable sounds ridiculous! Children, like adults, should be eating high quality unprocessed food. That includes fruit, vegetables, high quality protein, grains/cereals. That does not include drinks other than water or milk (plain milk, not sweetened) (although, I do like a cup of coffee in the morning!), it does not include packets of chips/sweets/chocolates, and it certainly doesn't include deep-fried food. Australian kids are moving in the same direction. I see overweight kids walking down the street drinking soft drink and eating chips/chocolates, or stopping at the fast food shops on their way to school, and it makes me shudder. Making healthy food does not take a long time, and it is more satisfying. Unfortunately, it often costs more, and that is where your school district meals often come into problems - they go for low cost, unhealthy food because it fits in their budget.

Tonya said...

Mynnette, these are both fabulous. I adore the first one!!

Paula Sievers said...

Wow, I am blown away by both of you cards, and your musings. Although I agree. I have been raised to treat everybody as you would like to be treated, and yes, chocolate is too darn good. It has become my card making companion. Thanks for playing at Stampin Royalty this week.


TrishG said...

Both are beautiful! Love the details. Well done!

Kylie said...

Hi Mynnette! MMMMMMM Chocolate.... it is certainly one of my 'bad habits'. I agree, plain old milk chocolate is just the bomb!! I love it so much that it never even makes a mention on my New Year resolution list ;)

Your cards are beautiful!! I must admit that I particularly like your first card.Those colours and the layout just make it look so regal and refined. LOVE it!! xx

Stamping in Pink said...

both are stunning hun but I do love the colour scheme and stamps you've used on the first!

we're heading if we've not already got there with food issues over here too. the main problem always comes down to the money.
cheap food is the stuff that's full of additives, that has been reconstituted, and is completely artificial.
pure and clean food, just as mother nature intended, is the food that costs the most - why?
tis a mad mad world hun K xx

Katy said...

Both are so pretty Mynnette! I love Palmers chocolate. They make the little chocolate Santas and stuff for Easter. Mmmmm. :)

Amy V. said...

Beautiful cards! I love the little details, especially the pearls on the flowers on your first card. And plain milk chocolate can be amazing, I agree!

Becky said...

Both of these are beautiful.
I love chocolate :) any kind, but stay away from it, I allow myself One piece a day.

sandie said...

The first card is beautiful, I love the 3 panels of stamping and the ribbon you have used reminded me of some I have and need to dust off! The second card the mix of colours I would never have thought of using but you have made them work so well. And as for chocolate, I am not a lover of any, strange right?

die amelie said...

Love both of your cards, Mynette! And so great how you used your new stash! Thank you for playing along with us at TioT!

Claudia x

Jenée said...

Wonderful use of the sketch. Those large buttons really are a neat embellishment, and the sentiment is wonderful. Thank you for joining us this week in the challenge at TMS.

Debbie said...

These are both beautiful!! I love the embossed BG on them both!
Thanks for joining us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Evil Edna said...

I keep wavering between which I like best so i will have to say both rather than choose. I agree with your musings...mmmm chocolate.EE

My name is Cindy said...

Love what you did with your new stash - the colours are great as well!! Know what you mean about school lunches! Mind you the waste here at home is prettty bad as well. Bought just a little fruit for the holidays - teenagers ate none of it and most is now ready to be binned (I can only do so much!!). But I think they would agree with you about the chocolate!! TFS at TioT, Cindy

Stacey Schafer said...

fabulous designs! so glad you joined us The Pink Elephant!

Melissa Craig said...

Hi Mynette. I hope no one reads this comment, but I have to be honest here. Many times when I am commenting I am so far behind that I just review the card and comment. I don't take the time read what the blogger has shared. Rude, I know. But sometimes....

Anyway, why did I confess that to you? Well, because, I took the time to read your post. And I feel I must comment. I completely agree with you about the popular and non-popular. We seem to do this starting at a very young age. I was the kid that was picked on by populars or just mean people. So when you've lived a young life like that, you tend to "stick" with whom you're comfortable with. But I hear you - we are called to love everyone. Wonderful words of wisdom. Thanks for the reminder. The chocolate... is great plain, dark, with stuff or without. The person who discovered this "sweet drug" should be slapped or kissed. lol And school lunches. ACK!! As a mother, I hear horror stories of what was offered for lunch, particularly to the kids that are on reduced-price or free. My kids get free because I'm a single mom with a pretty low income. Ugh! Balanced? I think not!! They offer pizza on a daily basis for Pete's sake.

OK - now your cards. They are gorgeous as always. I really like the first card you posted. The colors, the dimension. Gorgeous.

For the second card - beautiful! I want those buttons!! I love them both. Thanks for joining us at Tuesday Morning Sketches and for being such a faithful player.

Danielle Vincent said...

Loved these cards and loved your musings! I agree - just plain chocolate is ridiculously good as it is - but I won't pass up any chocolate really. Hugs!

Kim x said...

Hi Mynnette, congrats on your win with the Tuesday Sketch challenge card. I have to say that my personal favourite of the two is card number 1 it is just stunning. I love the colour combo, the layout, basically all of it lol.
hugs Kimx

Ellie Knol said...

Beautiful projects, so much gorgeous details!
Thanks for sharing with us at TIOT!
xxx Ellie xxx

Alexa said...

Both cards are gorgeous and so different! Thank you for entering our challenge at TioT. x

patkatzer said...

If children are only fed fast food at home they know no better.

Waste not want not is not a phrase you hear from Mother's mouths very often.

If I did not eat at least 2 fork or spoonfuls of what was on my plate I went hungry. There is too much poverty in this country for schools to be throwing our tax dollars in the garbage on a regular basis. Of course we are allowing the Government to tell us what is healthy and what is not. Duh! Maybe I am just being old and cranky. When a banana is all there is for lunch and you are hungry you will eat it.